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To enter motorcycles and memorabilia for the auction contact Keith Levy at Manshed Auctions

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1942 Harley Davidson WLA

1942 WLA Harley Davidson.


This is an original bike ,not one that has been restored or rebuilt

This is a factory supplied original WLA which was; like all the rest of WLA's shipped here to Australia for WW2 ;painted here in Australian army satin green paint and were then assigned to whatever regiment they would be used by or stored as surlpus replacement bikes.

This particular bike was one of those surplus bikes which never saw action, but were then sold off after the war and hence was purchased at the Melbourne Army surplus Auctions in 1967 amongst a total of ten bikes auctioned on that particular day. The original catalogue (which the owner received on purchase ) with this particular bike listed, will be supplied with bike ( if located !)

The bike was purchased the current owner from the gentleman who bought it new at the auction in 1967 and then used the bike as his personal ride over several years before it was parked up and the on sold to the current owner approximately 20 years ago.

The owner had Tony Blain and Shaun Wilson from Redfern Motor Parts service the bike, start it and `roadtest it before it was stored .

Shaun will gladly verify the authenticity and provenance of this bike which the owner believes has done very low mileage.

Shaun can be contacted on

The bike is pretty well as it came from the auction with only minimal changes. ie;- the tail light is singular and different the normal two tail light army bikes, the seat doesn't have the three rivets in the side corners .

The original owner is getting on in age, and his recollection of things about the bike is getting a little sketchy and he can't remember why these minor details are as they are.

This is not a restored WLA but a genuine, original factory supplied wartime WLA being auctioned off in near to same presentation, but not condition that it was purchased 53 years ago.

Buyers Guide $29,000-37,000

1956 Benelli 125cc

1956 Benelli 125cc

Buyers guide $6,500-8,000

1942 Harley Davidson WLA


1942 Harley Davidson WLA.


This particular 1942 WLA  motorcycle is an original  US army flat olive drab paint bike that is NEW OLD STOCK, not restored or rebuilt, and to the best of the owners  knowledge has never been started.

It does not come with the original crate ,factory paperwork or cosmoleen grease dripping from it, but comes as the original owner bought it at auction.  

The provenance and authenticity of this bike can be confirmed by Shaun Wilson of Redfern Motor Parts who replaced some missing items to the bike after the owner purchased.  It came from a gentleman who

came from a family who had a history of running  Indian and Chevrolet dealerships with an extensive collection of cars and bikes. Shaun checked the bike in great detail  in verifying their originality and condition of this machine.


The owner belives believes the bike was missing some minor parts (which may have been robbed or used  to keep other bikes on the road at the time )when purchased by the gentleman back in the late 1970's or very early 80's

He sourced  the missing items and they were replaced with original WLA parts .

You can see by the photos supplied that there is a slight variation in the shade of green paint on some of the parts.

These bikes and parts were going to the war effort and it was not unusual for variations in colour to appear.

This bike was transported to Redfern Motorparts where they were then left in the capable hands of Tony Blain and Shaun Wilson, who checked over every part of this incredible time piece.

This is not being auctioned as a pristine motorcycle that was stored in a bubble, but is a real example of an new old stock 80 year old motorcycle.


It comes with warts and all and is "as is" ,but it is  believed  to be an honest bike that is the real original bike as it came to Australia. The bike was never commissioned and did not get it's coat of Australian army green paint and remains the same bike that was stored somewhere up until previous and current owner purchased it


The owner is confident along side Shaun Wilson that it is the genuine unrestored, and un-started WLA that Harley supplied in 1942

Buyers Guide $39,000 - 47,000

1930 500cc OHV Motosocoche Jubilee

1930 500cc OHV Motosocoche Jubilee

Rare Swiss made gem was top of their range at this time and is in very good condition, with new tyres, mufflers (not original but very close). Coil ignition with a Hertz three speed gearbox. Bike has been ridden recently on vintage runs and is a real head turner.

Buyers Guide $15,000-$20,000

1964 Harley Davidson Panhead

1964 Harley Davidson Pan Head Duo Glide.

This is a stock original bike which runs like a Swiss watch. This bike was a one owner bike up to his death in early 2004. The bike comes with the original top box, buddy seat, and windscreen. This bike won best original at the Pan Head 70 year event in 2018.

Buyers Guide $30,000 - 35,000

1985 Harley Davidson Wide Glide

1985 Harley Davidson Wide Glide.

This bike has only done 22,000 kilometres from new and runs like a new bike. The bike is nearly original with the exception of some period mods. (eg carb, pipes, seat and some chrome trinkets) The rest is how it came from the factory and still has the original stickers on the rims. This bike was originally purchased by a woman from a local dealer and was her pride and joy for 30+ years.

Buyers Guide $20,000 - 23,000

1915 Indian Hedstrom Racer

1915 Indian Hedstrom 680cc


The first motorcycle on offer at the virtual Bulli AMCA auction on the 29th of August is this 1915 680cc Indian Hedstrom racer

This bike is almost 100% complete with only minor parts missing. There are many new parts including the tank, clutch, footboard etc

This is a dream restoration project of one of the most desirable veteran motorcycles.

Buyers guide $25,000 - 35,000

1978 Kawasaki Z1R

1978 Kawasaki Z1R

Incredible all original Kawasaki Z1R. This bike is totally original, including the touring tank, owners manual, tool kit and kick start. This is a rare chance to get one if this very desirable machines in completely unmolested form

Buyers Guide $15,000 - 19,000

1922 Harley Davidson WF Sport Twin

This video was taken in the last few weeks.

1922 Harley Davidson WF Sport Twin

One of only 388 made.

With the price of a Harley Big Twin starting to climb over that of a Model T Ford, in 1919, the Factory came out with a smaller capacity horizontal twin displacing 35.64ci. that was cheaper, reliable, had a lower centre of gravity, was cleaner due to its various guards and would also attract, it was hoped, more female riders, due to its low height & weight. The W, as it was known, was marketed as The Sport Twin. It’s rarity is such, that most Harley aware folks today don’t even know of the existence of this model...and that extends to some senior identities in the Industry ! Manufactured from 1919 until 1923, The WF ( the designation for the Magneto model with no electrics or lighting ) held an Endurance Record in its time, but went on to suffer under a Recession in 1921, disappearing from history with the last run in 1923. The unique North South flat Twin ( as opposed to the East West set up of the XA in 1942, borrowed from BMW, courtesy of The German Army ), with external flywheel was a take on the British Douglas Twin of the time. This machine featured many firsts for HD, including a coil spring and braced leading link front fork, Unit construction of the engine & gearbox ( this was in service of the “ keep it clean “ mantra that drove the design of this bike )....not seen again until the Sportster in 1957, the engine also became a stress member of the frame, saving weight. The WF was the only HD that featured a Siamesed Inlet & Exhaust manifold....the thinking being that the heat of the exhaust would help to atomise the fuel coming down through the inlet manifold, thereby producing more efficiency.


This previous one owner 1922 WF Sport Twin was delivered new to M. Gibson of Balgowlah on Sydney’s Northern Beaches where it spent some years making itself known around the Beaches in the 1920s & 30s. Upon the owner’s death, the machine was stored under the family house where it sat through the generations until it again saw light in 2016, whereupon it was eventually purchased by the current owner, who is also on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, so it still hasn’t travelled very far. Upon purchase, after a brief inspection, and noting that the magneto was producing a spark upon kicking, it only took some fuel ( from a remote bottle to by pass the yet to be cleaned tank ), some fresh oil & a spark plug, with some kicking then involved, to produce a running engine ! A few tweaks on the carb saw it settle into a nice idle.


To preserve its unique, patina’d Original finish, it hasn’t be ridden, nor “ improved”, preferring to leave it as is. It does, though, have new tyres & grips fitted as the original rubber was well beyond it. It even comes with the 2 original keys for the toolbox in almost new condition.  It starts and runs well and the seat exhibits very little wear with the HD embossing on it being very clear. It has only been started, maybe, a half dozen times since the current owner purchased it. Whilst only a handful of these Unicorns still exist, it is thought, through various enquiries, that this particular machine could be the only running, Original and non restored 1922WF left in existence.....although if this proves to be incorrect, the writer would be more than happy to acknowledge same. This bike has been thoroughly scrutinised through the past 2 years of AMCA Judging at Bulli & currently holds a coveted Senior Award. It is anticipated that it will earn it’s prized Winner’s Circle Award in this, it’s third year of judging, at The 2020 Bulli Virtual Antique Motorcycle Event.


No serious Harley collection is complete without one !

Buyers Guide $55,000 - 75,000

1982 Yamaha XJ 750 D

1982 Yamaha XJ 750D


Whilst most Australians are familiar with the iconic Yamaha XJ750 Turbo of the early 80’s, little was it known that Yamaha produced only 2000 identical machines, but without the Turbo and it’s designation, for the Japanese domestic market only. This is one of those 2,000 machines & comes with the Owner’s Manual, resplendent in Japanese ! Runs extremely well & was on club rego. This thing was like Star Wars at the time !

Buyers Guide $2,500 - 5,000

1972 Kawasaki H2 Mach IV 750cc



Very early VIN. HSE01892 makes this a 1971 produced for the 1972 release of the H2. This very early Series 1 H2 came out with the very rare plastic headlight bucket, rather than the steel buckets of the later machines and was the first street production motorcycle with CDI. An almost unobtainable OEM plastic headlight bucket comes with the bike.

Despite these “Widowmakers” reputation & popularity straight out of the crate, with a factory specified top speed of 190 kmh ( 120 mph ), the enthusiasm for these machines saw this particular offering become a period Rick Roberts build ( Rick was the guru of 2 strokes back in the day ). It also exhibits the rare OEM DUAL front disc brakes. Despite it’s Cafe Racer look, most of the original bike is still there, including the good OEM tank, the iconic OEM tailpiece that became the template for every Japanese bike for many years & the OEM seat. The expansion chambers are Rick Roberts handbuilds. Starts easily and goes well. Was on Club Rego.

Get that Castrol R back out !

Buyers Guide $15,000 - 20,000

1971 Suzuki GT750

1971 Suzuki GT750

1971 Suzuki GT750 water cooled two stroke triple.
This is the first model and has the original drum brakes.
This bike is an American import and is all original and unmolested except for paint and seat. No touch up except side stand and centre stand, otherwise all original patina.
Items replaced but originals retained include all water hoses and rear shocks, fork gaiters, tank and battery rubbers.
Items refurbished include water pump, front forks, front and rear brakes, exhaust inserts repacked, wheel bearings.
New battery, relay for headlight for brighter output, chain and sprockets, exhaust header gaskets and tyres and tubes.
Included is a new 3 into 1 chrome Tranzac exhaust.
The bike has all receipts and the sales brochure.
This is a a great opportunity to own one of the most iconic of all the 70’s superbikes.
Buyers guide $13,000 - 16,000

1942 Harley Davidson WLA Civilianised

1942 Harley Davidson WLA (Civilianised)

Lovely civilianised 1942 WLA Harley Davidson. This bike has been totally refurbished by a well known Harley enthusiast, and is ready to be registered and ridden with nothing more to spend

Buyers guide $18,000-22,000

1942 Indian Scout 500 cc

1942 Indian Scout 500cc

Buyers guide $29,000-32,000

1967 Moto Guzzi Lodola 175

1956 Benelli 125cc

Buyers guide $6,500-8,000

1930 4 Valve Rudge Speedway Racer


1930 Rudge 500cc Speedway Racer


Very rare circa 1930 500cc 4 valve speedway Rudge. The bike is as found by speedway enthusiast in a shed and would make a great restoration project or leave with existing patina. Requires some minor parts to finish but all the hard to get parts are included.


Buyers guide $8,000-12,000


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As motorcycle enthusiasts Manshed Auctions volunteered their services and expertise to assist the AMCA with the third Bulli Motorcycle Auction on site at the Bulli Showgrounds, August 24th 2019 from 1.00 pm.


What the Manshed association will mean is that interested bidders are able to :

1. Bid on line.

2. Bid live at the auction.

3. Bid live by telephone.


The Manshed association also allows easy on line registration to bid, which will also allow prompt on site registration and collection of your paddle for those in attendance. With Manshed now assisting us , we now have the benefit of offering our lots to all interested parties around Australia and indeed the world. The AMCA are proud and fortunate to have Keith Levy and Manshed Auctions as part of our Bulli Antique Motorcycle Weekend.

Thanks again Keith and the Manshed team.