Due to the COVID 19 restrictions in place the 2020 AMCA Judging will be conducted on a virtual judging system. This system has been previously trialled in our seminars at Bulli the last three years.
Entries will only be accepted of those machines that have previously been through the Judging Program here in Australia and have attained a Junior Second award at a minimum.  No new entries will be accepted this year.
There will also be no judging of Winners Circle motorcycles.

The Board apologises for any inconvenience this may cause to owners of motorcycles planning to enter for the first time.



1) AMCA VJ is limited to previously judged motorcycles from the 2019 season only.  This includes: Junior Second, Junior First, and Senior award winners. New entrants and Winners Circle motorcycles will not be virtually judged.


2) Entrants must be AMCA members in good standing.


3) Entrants must pre-register and email to the secretary at or post to AMCA Australia Inc, P.O. Box 4539, Lakehaven. N.S.W. 2263.


4) Entrants will actively participate in the live-streaming of visual images of their entered motorcycle(s).


5) Entrants will be required to join a designated communications platform. The communication platform information will issued at the time of registration.


6) Entrants will be required to submit both their judging entry and a completed, detailed worksheet of all corrections.  This worksheet should be numbered to correspond to the last judging sheet of this motorcycle. This includes physical corrections and any literature to rebut a disputed deduction.


7) Entrants will not be considered as members of the judging team.  Discussion and information will be exchanged between members and judges, but debates or arguments are highly discouraged.  The decisions of the judging team will be final with the opportunity of appeal.


8) AMCA judging sheets will be used and all data will be recorded in the AMCA judging data bank.  Awards will be issued and posted to members according to points totals.


9) Participating judges will receive credit and recognition for their service.


10) Awards will be announced on Saturday the 29th of August.