The fourth annual Antique Motorcycle Club of America – Australia meet was held virtually on the 29th August 2020.  This meet is based on the successful formula used throughout the United States and now internationally for bikes 35 years and older of all makes and models to be compared with their original factory specifications.

This year judging was undertaken virtually where a team of judges, all selected by their peers for their specialist knowledge, were kept busy judging the machines entered. For those not familiar with the AMCA Judging system, each bike is judged on its own merits and against the standard of “how it left the factory when built”. A machine starts with 100 points and deductions are made across the various categories of judging.  Awards commence at Junior Second ( 85 – 90 points), Junior First (90 – 95 points) Senior (95 – 100) and Winners Circle (95 – 100 points)  It is possible to get through the system in one year in the USA but given there is only the one event in Australia it will take 3 years to achieve a Winners Circle Award.


2020 AMCA Australia Inc Judging Awards


Peter M   1917 Harley Davidson J Model (rest)   97.25   Senior

John H   1922 Harley Davidson WF (unrest)   97.00   W/C

Peter B   1924 Ace (unrest)   99.50   W/C

Peter B   1924   Indian Chief (unrest)   99.50   W/C

Darren Y   1929 Harley Davidson JD (rest)   96.50   W/C

David R  1930 Harley Davidson DAH (rest)   100.00   W/C

John H   1933 Harley Davidson VLE (rest)   92.75   N/C

Phill F   1935 Harley Davidson VD (rest)   95.00   Senior

Matt W   1938 Indian Chief (rest)   98.00   W/C

Michael D   1939 Indian Chief (rest)   95.00   W/C

Jim C   1942 Harley Davidson WLA (rest)   97.00   W/C

Ian P   1947 Harley Davidson EL (rest)   98.75   Senior

Jeffery B   1948 Indian Chief (unrest)   95.00   Senior

Michael J   1949 Harley Davidson FL (unrest)   98.00   W/C

Howard C   1951 Vincent Rapide (rest)   97.75   W/C

Kendal M   1960 Harley Davidson FL (rest)   98.50   W/C

Peter M   1973 Kawasaki Z1 (rest)   98.75   W/C

John B   1975 Harley Davidson FLH (unrest)   98.00   Senior

Mick R   1978 Harley Davidson XLCR (unrest)   95.50   Senior

Howard C   1981 Honda CB900FA (unrest)   99.50   Senior

Malcolm B   1981 Suzuki GSX750E (unrest)   99.00   W/C

William J   1983 Harley Davidson FXWG (unrest)   99.25   Senior