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The primary aim of the AMCA Australia is to host an annual National Meet to promote ALL MAKES and MODELS of Vintage and Classic Motorcycles 35 years and older in Australia. This event will become Australia’s premier motorcycle event each year and will bring like-minded enthusiasts together.

AMCA Australia encourages you to become a member of the Antique Motorcycle Club of America where you will enjoy the following benefits:


  1. A free subscription to six issues of the AMCA full colour magazine per year.

  2. Participation in the AMCA Australia National Meet.

  3. Access to experts worldwide through the online forum.

  4. No cost downloads of documents from their virtual library.

  5. Eligibility for AMCA judging to earn awards at our National Meet.

  6. Place free classified advertisements online and/or in the AMCA magazine.

  7. Meet others who share your passion for historic, vintage and classic motorcycles, parts and collectables over 35 years old.



To join the AMCA follow this link.



How do I become involved?


The Australian board would welcome offers of assistance as we move towards our second National Meet which will be held at the Bulli Showground, NSW annually on the last weekend of August. If you would like to be part of this exciting event please let us know, telling us how you believe you could best help. We will be looking for volunteers with many skills.

An integral part of the National Meet is AMCA judging where AMCA members are recognised for their restoration efforts and/or preservation of an important piece of motorcycling history. For spectators, the judging field turns into an antique-bike show rivalling the country’s best museum exhibits.


Last but not least will be the swap meet, one key aspect of all AMCA Nationals. Vendors at this years National commented that this years swap was the best that they had ever attended.


Thank you to those who have sent photos to us. We are looking for more so that we can illustrate the many interesting varieties of motorcycle here on our Australian website. Below is an example of the type of photograph that we are looking for. No registration plates visible please. If you would like to see your bike included front and centre, take an interesting shot. It doesn’t need to be of any particular value or make, just a bike that you like and find interesting. All brands and models of motorcycles, 35 years old and older will be most welcome.

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